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Mensaje por zaida el Miér Dic 03, 2014 8:08 pm

My community is a nice place, his name is Ojocaliente to begin with is not a big place but it is very small, has some shops as coopel, Soria and others. could be said to be a place developed. I like living here because mayori my family is here also that I have achieved a good life with my neighbors and friends. Ojocaliente has several schools, high school and CBTa 88 which is where study is not a very dry but neither is very green think it has a good climate and although not a very touristic place is a community where you can enjoyed the garden which is next to the big church, also you can enjoy many shops ie Ojocaliente could be considered a place where trade is practiced either shoes or accessories. Ojocaliente an important event is the feast of the tuna and grapes where you can enjoy various events. finally I think my community is a good place as we all may have problems but also can enjoy beautiful moments, I like living in Ojocaliente.


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