I admire my mom because?

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I admire my mom because?

Mensaje por CARLOS IVAN RAMIREZ el Miér Oct 15, 2014 7:56 pm

I admire my mom because she supports us in everything we occupy it simpre is with us in good times and bad, plus they are the best cosineras world since their food not change it for anything, and I always care for us and love us so much that they trageron us into the world that is why I love my mother.
spite of all this I love my mother because she is hardworking and has no job if she gets it to take control of the house, and give us food each day, also to study and pay us tuition, and dress and when we get sick it takes us to the doctor, and if you have no money goes and gets to pay for that consultation and love
Carlos Ivan Ramirez Calzada. Very Happy


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